Tokai Maru Dive on Guam

Tokai Maru Dive in Guam. A 440 foot Japanese passenger-cargo freighter put in service in August of 1930. Only to be sunk by an American submarine 13 years later on August 27th, 1943. She now lays on her on her port side in 120 foot of water on the bottom of Apra Harbor in Guam

Fish do like Hotdogs

Blue Hole and Western Shore

Japanese “Val” Dive Bomber Guam

The Japanese “Val” Bomber is a plane located on a sloping wall that starts in 30’/10m and it rests in 85’/28m with one wing intact and other wing laying about 30’/10m to the side. The divesite is very close to the American Tanker. This dive is very easy and can be done by taking the first 10 minutes of the dive, and then moving to another site to finish the dive. strong>

Blue Hole off Orote Peninsula is for advance divers because of its depth. The top of the hole opens up at around 60 feet, but leads to another opening at 130 feet. It’s easy to run out of air fast at that depth, so caution is especially advised on this dive.